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HarborOne Mortgage is open for business. The health and safety of our customers and our team are of the utmost importance to us in this ever changing COVID-19 environment. Because of that, we are fortunate that our staff is able to work from home and online and ready to assist you with all of your home financing needs.

Attention Customers

HarborOne Mortgage continues to lend to both homebuyers and refinance customers during these unprecedented times. Much of our business can be conducted over the phone or via the internet, however, there may be instances where business is conducted face to face. Home inspections, appraisals and loan closings are a few examples where a face to face may be requested. Below are best practices when you are planning for an in-person meeting:

  • Confirmation there has been no known exposure to the virus, no overseas travel within 45 days, and no current symptoms indicative of the Coronavirus.
  • Sanitize surfaces before and after any in person meetings
  • Do not share pen or other instruments
  • Agree to be no closer than six feet from anyone
  • Provide any form of ID, when required, electronically to avoid physical contact
  • Ask individuals to wash their hands thoroughly prior to meeting
  • Encourage the use of rubber gloves, if possible

As we navigate through this historic time, you may experience transactional delays due to shelter at home requirements, businesses closures, job interruptions, etc. Please communicate with your HOME Loan Officer if there are any material changes to your circumstances prior to the closing of your home mortgage. Stay safe!

About Mark Wilder

I have been a full time Mortgage Originator for over ten years.  My passion has always been to find the best possible programs and terms for my clients while maintaining the highest level of professionalism, responsiveness, and customer service.

My keys to success:

  1. I will work diligently to help find the ideal program to fulfill your financing goals, and I will study the markets to help identify optimal trends.
  2. I will take the stress out of the mortgage process by communicating each step of the way in order to help you understand your options and make well educated decisions.
  3. My promise to all my clients is that I will act diligently, professionally, and with integrity to help ensure an efficient, timely and enjoyable closing.

 I believe that to be the best you must work with the best. Merrimack Mortgage is one of the largest private lenders in New Hampshire, and has built a reputation of being the best mortgage company to work with.  At Merrimack, I have the flexibility to compare a variety of lenders and choose the one who has the most attractive terms for my borrower.

I look forward to helping you with your mortgage needs and will treat you with respect, compassion and empathy at all times.  At the same time you will be working with a professional who will look out for your best interest, and who has a sense of urgency to get things done.  I hope you choose to work with me, and in turn will refer your friends and family.  Because, in this business, my reputation is everything!

I really appreciated all the assistance in the collection of needed documentation and the prompt answers to all my questions. - Sharon
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